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An audiologist can help improve your hearing

Although cases of sudden hearing loss exist, many cases of hearing loss develop gradually over time. In these instances, it can be hard to detect hearing loss because it happens so slowly, you may not notice a problem.

Treatment of hearing loss is typically more effective when it is diagnosed early in its development. Check out these ten signs you should look for to determine if you’re experiencing hearing loss and need to visit an audiologist for treatment:

  1. You have to turn up your TV and radio to a high volume (often to the objection of others).
  2. It’s hard to hear people over the phone.
  3. Background noise distracts you from your conversations.
  4. You have to ask people to repeat themselves often.
  5. You have ringing in your ears.
  6. Other people sound like they’re mumbling.
  7. You feel stressed from straining to hear people.
  8. You get embarrassed when you can’t hear people clearly.
  9. You get frustrated with others because you can’t understand them.
  10. Your family has a history of hearing loss.

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above symptoms, you may have hearing loss. Schedule an appointment with an audiologist for custom treatment to getting your hearing back on the right track.

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Are you still unsure whether you have hearing problems? Check out our hearing quiz to see if you have hearing loss that needs to be addressed by an audiologist!

5 symptoms of hearing loss you simply shouldn’t ignore

Hearing loss can happen gradually, and many people don’t realize when it’s time to start considering hearing aids. But when your hearing loss starts to interfere with daily life and relationships, you can’t ignore it any longer.

Our patients often tell us that their hearing aids make such a difference in their daily lives, they wish they had gotten them sooner. If you notice any of the following symptoms, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a doctoral-level audiologist.

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Degrees of hearing loss

Hearing loss affects approximately 20 percent of all Americans, and can be sudden or gradual, mild or severe, temporary or permanent. Those who experience progressive hearing loss become increasingly cut off from sounds and speech over time, and often face emotional struggles with accepting their hearing loss.

There are four different degrees of hearing loss, which are measured in decibels (dB) and defined by the quietest sounds people are able to hear. Here’s a look at the degrees of hearing loss, and how it affects your life and overall well-being. Read more

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